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19th October, 2009. 7:15 pm. Recipe Thirty-Nine: Cedar Plank Salmon with a Mandarine Glaze(ladybrannon)

Salmon & Glaze: 
2 Salmon Steaks  (Total about 1 pound) 
Juice from 3 Mandarins (or Satsumas)
1 tbsp of Brown Sugar
1 tbsp of EV olive oil

Cedar Plank: 
1 cedar plank
1 sinkful of water
1/3 to 1/2 cup of salt

To prepare the plank for grilling, soak the plank in a sink full of water with the salt. This should take two hours.

Two hours later - start the grill. You want indirect heat for the plank.

Mix Juice from Mandarins, brown sugar, and Olive oil in a small container. Glaze the salmon. Place salmon on soaked plank. Place in grill on non-direct heat area and cook for about 30 minutes (15 minutes on each side).

Note: The fish should have an internal temperature of 135-140 degreesF.

Serve immediately.

2 Servings.

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19th October, 2009. 4:27 pm. Recipe Thirty-Eight: Modified Southwestern Corn Soup(ladybrannon)

1 box of Southwestern Corn Soup from V8
1 red bell pepper  - chopped
1 thin, medium sized zucchini - chopped
Cooking spray

Saute red bell pepper and zucchini until soft in a few sprays of cooking spray. Once tender, add all of the V8 soup. Heat through.

Serve soon.

2 servings.

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1st October, 2009. 11:35 am. Recipe Thirty-Seven: Nutty Chicken Salad(ladybrannon)


Nutty Chicken Salad


1 whole roasted chicken

1 cup of chopped walnuts

1 cup of dried cranberries

½ cup of chopped green onions

2 cloves of minced garlic

5 tablespoons of Dijon mustard (or to taste)

½ cup of mayonnaise (or to taste)

Cooking spray


Roast the chicken until if falls off the bone (or buy a prepared one from your local grocer). Once it has cooled, remove the meat and place into a large mixing bowl. Be sure no bones get into the large mixing bowl. Set aside for later.


Meanwhile, spray a large skillet and heat over medium high heat. Add the walnuts, garlic, and cranberries to the skillet; cook until the walnuts and garlic are lightly toasted and fragrant. 


Once the walnuts and garlic are ready, place the skillet mixture into the mixing bowl with the chicken and mix well. Add the chopped green onions. Mix well. Add the Dijon Mustard and mayonnaise. Mix well.




Note: Serve on lettuce, toast, or alone.

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15th March, 2007. 10:14 am. Recipe Thirty-Six: Chicken Chili(ladybrannon)

4 Frozen Chicken Tenders
1 Large Can of Diced Tomatoes with Chili Seasoning
1 Large Onion Diced
1 Small Can of Tomato Sauce
3-6 cloves of garlic (use your taste, I use 6 or more!)
Chili Seasoning 
Sprinkle or two of Cumin
Sprinkle or two of Taco Seasoning

In Saucepan, begin cooking chicken, garlic, and onion on medium high heat. Once onion is clear, add tomatoes and tomato sauce. Add extra seasonings. Cover, lower temp, and stir occasionally. I like for mine to cook about an hour.  The important thing is that the chicken falls apart.

It's really quick and quite yummy! I top with raw red onions, RF cheddar cheese, and FF sour cream! :)

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27th January, 2007. 9:12 pm.(ladybrannon)

Recipe Thirty-Five: Pumpkin Mashed Potatoes 

1 cup of canned Pumpkin (be sure it's JUST pumpkin)
1 cup of cooked and mashed sweet potatoes (if you're feeling really luxurious use 1 cup cooked and mashed baking potato)
1 tablespoon of low-calorie butter
salt and pepper to taste. 

Mix all together and heat in medium saucepan. Serve warm. Serves 4. This helps those craving for mashed potatoes without all the potato! :)

Add 1 tablespoon of FF Sour Cream -or-
Top with fresh garlic chives -or-
Add sauteed garlic -or-
Try all three! :)

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26th January, 2007. 3:22 pm.(ladybrannon)

Recipe Thirty-Four: Open Faced Veggie Sandwiches:

2 Slices of Toasted Whole Wheat Bread
1/2 Large Yellow, Red, OR Orange Pepper; sliced into rings
1/2 Medium Sweet Onion; sliced into rings
2 oz. of White Button Mushrooms; sliced thinly
1 oz. of crumbled Feta Cheese OR Goat Cheese
Handful of fresh Basil
4 slices of Roma Tomato

Saute pepper, onion, mushrooms, and basil for about 8 minutes, During that time, place two slices of tomato on each slice of bread. Split 1oz cheese between two slices of bread. Broil in oven with door cracked. Watch closely- usually takes 3-4 minutes. Once cheese is melted, remove from oven. Place slices on plate and top with pepper, onion, and mushroom mixture. Serves 1. YUMMY! :)

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7th October, 2006. 7:57 pm. Recipe Thirty-Three: Wine Cooked Spiced Pears(ladybrannon)

2 large pears
Bottle of Cheap Red Wine (Mild to Medium Tannin levels)
3 tablespoons Cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 cup Splenda (tm)

Put red wine (yes, all of it), cinnamon, Splenda(tm), and nutmeg into a medium saucepan over low heat. Cut pears in half. Scoop out seeds. Place pears in red wine mixture. Cover. Cook for 15-20 minutes. 

Serve warm. 

Serves 4.

For something extra, add a small scoop of a creamy bleu cheese where you scooped out the seeds.

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25th April, 2006. 5:56 pm. Recipe Thirty-Two: Orange Roughy in Picante Sauce(ladybrannon)

2 filets of orange roughy
1 cup of Picante Sauce (mild or medium, not hot)
½ cup of bell peppers
½ cup of onions
½ cup of Monterey Jack cheese

Pre-heat oven to 350F. Place roughy in casserole dish and cover with picante sauce, peppers, and onions. Top everything off with the cheese. Cover with aluminum foil and add a few vent holes.

If the roughy is fresh, cook for 15 minutes.

If the roughy is frozen, cook for 55-65 minutes.

Serve warm.
Serves 2.

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11th April, 2006. 6:54 pm. Recipe: Thirty-One: Med. Salad(ladybrannon)

3 cups of Spring Mix
10 Large, Pitted Black Olives
1/2 diced red bell pepper
4 tbsp of Feta Cheese
Zesty Italian Dressing

Mix it into a salad. Dress to taste.

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11th April, 2006. 6:16 pm. Recipe Thirty: Scallops in a Shallot, Mushroom, and Butter Sauce(ladybrannon)

4 shallots
1 8oz. container of sliced mushrooms
6 large scallops
2 tbsp of Smart Balance(tm) butter
Dash of Basil
Dash of Sea Salt

In a skillet, saute the butter, mushrooms, the shallots, the basil, and the sea salt until they are slightly browned. Add scallops and cook for no more than 90 seconds per side. We prefer 60 seconds per side.

Remove immediately from heat and serve.

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